Sunday, 20 May 2012

We've Moved!

Since my new blog has a new focus, I have decided to create a new blog!

See you there!!!! :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I'm Back!

Hola a todos!

Well its been a lengthy break, but I am back I missed my blog terribly!! I am going to be making a new blog about our life here in Canada,our adventures, the ups and downs of adjusting to life here, immigration, and anything else that comes to my head.

Coming back to Canada, I was a hot mess. I was miserable, in a lot of ways I felt like I failed myself and L for not trying to make it work there.. Three months later, I am starting to adjust to life back in Canada. The good news? Summer Days are back! So this means it doesnt get dark until 9pm which is really nice, bbqs, sunshine, and showing L all around canada, in true tourist style! :)

L's paperwork for permanent residence is currently being proccessed. In Canada there are two stages for immigration. The first is that I have to be approved as a sponsor, then our case will be transferred to Mexico for another few months while they decide if we are truly in a genine relationship, and once we satisfy all of their requriements, they will issue him PR! Right now Stage 1 is taking approx. 90 DAYS! Which is crazy, considering in december it was only 45 days, but we keep telling ourselves that it will be worth it in the end.

After that, we have some big plans for us.. but I wont be going into too much detail about that until we are at that stage.

I missed this so much, I am so happy I am back! the blog will also be having a big makeover too, but I just wanted to update everyone!



Sunday, 1 April 2012

An Update and Goodbye

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give an update. L and I are two weeks away from sending in our application.. We are super excited about this. We spent the day preparing the application and now it is all ready to go, just have to wait a few more weeks. Since my last post, I feel a lot better as my reverse-culture shock has settled. Mexico will always hold a special place in my heart, it is my second home. I am forever grateful for the lessons it has taught me, the wonderful person I found there that I simply could not live a day without. As we move forward with life, its time to close the chapter on this door. In the past year alone Len and I have spent 6 months in Mexico and 6 months in Canada.. starting over constantly can get exhausting. I have also been spending too much time wondering 'what if?' Too scared to continue with life here worried that we made the wrong decision to return..I realized I fantasized both Mexico and Canada in its own ways, but as I spend more time here I am beginning to see a more balanced view of the two.

That being said, I have decided to discontinue my blog as another way to move forward with our life. I  wanted to say thank you to all and let you know how grateful I am to have found such wonderful people because of my blog, and I hope that we can all keep in contact. Feel free to email me if you want to add me on facebook..

Saludos and muchas gracias a todos, amigas!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I love Mexico. Mexico brings me joy and happiness like no other place on earth. However, la vida Mexicana, is hard - no doubt about it. There has been a long silence on my blog and today I am going to explain why. L and I have left Mexico.

As much as we love it there, it is just not realistic for our future.. The cost of living is high - and even with my university degree, we couldn't find jobs that could realistically work to live our everyday life there and save money for our envitable move back to Canada.

I have learned so much from my fellow blogger friends.. how some people yearn to live in their country with their spouse, but are unable to for whatever unfair immigration law of their country. I am lucky enough to have mine here with me, legally.. and for that, I am truly grateful.

Although it is not an easy decision (the transistion back has been anything but easy) I know deep down inside we made the right one. We are about three weeks away for applying for permanent residence for L (So exicting!!!) And slowly I am learning to love and see the beauty once again in my own country.

Since coming back, I have:
  • Gotten sick :(
  • Gotten a new job, yipee!
  • Experienced culture shock (never fun)
  • Learned how to finally stand up for myself.
 I am going to change the blog, if you all are still interested in reading my blog, after all! L and I have tons of exciting changes/plans coming up .. To all my new friends on here, I cannot thank you enough for all the support/kind words - This was not an easy decision for Len and I to return, though I am starting to see now it is for the best., :) I wanted to especially thank my great friend Shelly, most of the time I do not know what I would do without you! No words can describe how thankful I am for our friendship.. You are a fantastic, beautiful person and am so grateful for our friendship :)

Until next time,



Monday, 13 February 2012

My First Mexican Job

This weekend I worked my first Mexican Job, and it was quite an honor. I worked for FIFA for their Beach Soccer Tournament in the VIP section. It was honestly amazing, and probably the coolest job I ever had. I got to meet some really cool people, famous Mexican comedians, government officials, the hotel owner, etc. Me and Lens sister got to watch the whole tournament, and we made some great money and got a view of the beach at the same time! It was honestly amazing and reminded me why I came to Cancun in the first place. I hope I can do more jobs like this in the future, because it was awesome!

Here are some pics of my weekend:
The View from the VIP section, it was super cold!

Mexico VS. USA game!
It was really cold yesterday so I wore a towel! Lol, anyways, here are some more pics:
Yun and I with Borrego y Casasola

Len with Casasola!

I honestly had the time of my life, it was a fantastic first Mexican job, and I am really hoping to do more work like this while I am here!!!

And that was my weekend folks!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Being taught English.

Judging by the title, you may think this blog is going to be about me teaching someone English, and boy, are you wrong! It's actually the exact opposite, its about Len teaching me! Over the past few days or so I stopped and thought about just how good Lenin's English has been getting recently. When I first met him, he was pretty fluent. He didn't know the name of a few little things, but for the most part was pretty good. Now, after having a relationship with me (the supposed native speaker) and being in Canada for six months he has become pretty fluent, and get this, he is even correcting and helping me now! Here are some examples:

The other day I was in the kitchen and Lenin wanted me to get him a glass so he could get some water. Simple enough, no? Not really thinking about it, I pass him a mug. He looks at me, both surprised and confused.

"This is not a glass, its a mug."

Me, confused. "What do you mean, this is a..a.. well I guess yeah, your right, it is a mug."

"Milenita, learn english." Len says with a big smile on his face.

I couldn't believe it! My boyfriend just gave me an English lesson! I was impressed, and proud to say the least that he feels so confident in his skills.

And it doesn't stop there, not only is he correcting me, but hes also using English expressions in his day-to-day speech. This morning, we were having breakfast and discussing something and he said to me, and then he said "Man, that guy must be eating his words right now."

Anyone who has learned or is learning a different language knows how challenging even the most simplest of sentences could be, so I am beyond excited for Len that he can now use phrases, and words in a more conceptual way, instead of only being able to use/understand the concrete meaning of a word. 

Proud of you Len!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It's The Little Things..

Living in a country like Canada, you often forget how things that are considered basic in one country, are luxury in another. Len and I have been living in our apartment in Cancun in over a month now, and today we recieved something that made us both jump for joy, hot water!

Living in Mexico teaches you to appreciate the little things, to not take for granted those precious things that we Canadians often do. Health care, Access to great public schools, hot water, minimum wage, sewage systems that work, etc.

Living in Mexico has also taught me something else, finding happiness in little things. Canadian culture is always so busy, often we are stressed, and lets face it, spoiled (but in the nicest way possible!) Mexico, and my Mexican friends and family have taught me to see the beauty of the little things, how family comes first, how we are suppose to help one another (and not because we have to, but rather want to!).

Although I don't believe I could live the rest of my life in Mexico, I will always carry a piece of Mexico with me whereever I go, because it has changed me for the better, in so many ways, and for that I am forever grateful.

It's the little things, friends.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Our *Almost* Night Out

Tonight Len's sister and BF invited us to Dinner and a movie! We were so excited since it has been a week of immigration stress and we needed some time to just relax and be young! So we set off on our adventure. We decided to try a sushi place that we all heard good things about, Sushi Acki. It was fantastic! We were having a great time, enjoying our sushi and and fried banana for dessert, heres a pic:

Us at Sushi, enjoying our night out!
Just as we were on our way out, we realized it was raining again, and hard! Worried, we decided to call it a night, since the roads of Mexico are known to get a *little* dangerous when it starts raining! Needless to say, our ride home was a little more than interesting, here are some pictures:

The road!    

Another shot!

This picture doesn't do justice to just how crazy the streets get when it rains here! It is something I hope changes in the near future, to help improve the great city that Cancun is!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Week One in Cancun

Last week Len and I set off on our adventure to Cancun. When we left the airport it was 6 degrees (amazing for Toronto) and when we arrived here it was about 30! Len's dad met us at the airport and away we went. We ate and had some food, and then decided it was late and called it a night.

The next day me and len decided to go over to the Royal Carribean to spend some time with my family. It was fantastic! We sat by the beach, relaxed, played in the pool, hung out with family.. 5 days of pure relaxation, which was deftinatly needed and well deserved.. here are some photos:

Len and I in the ocean :)

The view from outside our door of the lagoon!

Len and the Fam doing some water aerobics :)

Us and one of our favourite views

Our balcony view, amazing.

 One Evening, Len and I decided to go to Thai Lounge. It was fantastic! It was an outdoor venue with amazing food and scenery.. everything about it was fabulous and we hope to go back very very soon!

Us at Thai Lounge!

The next few days after my family left, we spent some time at Len's parents house as we waited for our apartment to get ready. We spent a lot of our time playing with Len's dogs!

My little babies <3
 Then to end off our week, we decided to go out with some family for a few micheladas, or in my case, cheladas (hold the maggy, and salsa inglesa for me, gracias :) )

Us after a few micheladas :)

And there you had it, our first week in Mexico :) It was amazing and stressful all at once, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am feeling much better now, thanks everyone for your kinds words and will be back in a few days to post about our trip to Puerto Morelos we took!



Wednesday, 18 January 2012


We have been in Cancun for over a week now and I have been thinking about what to write in my blog. Coming back to Cancun has brought back a whirlwind of emotions. As we were leaving Toronto, we started thinking about all the things we would miss from there. I was surprised by how much we both would miss Canada, but we were excited to embark on our new journey. For those of you that don't know, I have a serious plane phobia, usually I fly on big jet planes that experience little to no turbulence so I am always okay, but not this time. Our plane was really tiny, and on top on that there were only 50 people on it.. and to make matters worse, our fabulous (rolls eyes) travel agent got us seats at the back of the plane.. talk about a recipe for disaster! The pilot let everyone know that this was going to be a very smooth trip, but in reality we the seat belt sign was on the hold time and the turbulence was so bad that at times I actually thought the wing was going to come off, but there was also times with no turbulence and you could just enjoy the view.

The plane, though scary was really symbolic of my journey so far in Mexico. At times it has been rough, and a seat belt was defiantly needed, but other times have been calm and peaceful. When Len returned back to Cancun, he got a serious dose of culture shock. He couldn't believe/remember things the way they were, the culture shock wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. It was however, an eye opener for us both.

The first few days we stayed at the Royal Caribbean with my family, and on the last night Len's family and mine went for dinner. I was happy to say it went really well :) Everyone really liked each other and it was a big step in mine and Lenin's relationship. We then spent a few days at Len's house before we moved into our apartment.

I guess what I am trying to say in this post is that being back in Cancun has brought out a ray of emotions in me, some good, some bad, and right now I am somewhere in between. Mexico is country I adore, with spectacular food, wonderful people, and a great culture.. but there are also thing's that hit me hard this time, and I often wonder why it did not notice it like I did before, such as the poverty in many areas, the horrible road system, etc. Maybe I was so excited to see Len that this place seemed wonderful to me.

Although I am still a little emotional, many people have been emailing me so I thought I would give you all an update. Give me a few more days and I will be okay again, and write about some of the fantastic things we did last week!

Thanks for listening everyone.


Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Well, since my blog is about living in Mexico and we are still in Canada I don't have too much to update on, but just in case anyone want's to know, here is what has been going on with us!

This week, while my aunt is in Cancun, Len and I have been taken care of her house/teenagers which meant are new years eve plans were nothing too exciting. We had a movie marathon, and some wine. It was nice, but not very exciting. It was a good night, nonetheless. We have also been getting ready to leave. This means all the last minute details, buying last minute things, etc!

Once we get to Cancun, my family and Len's family will meet for the first time.. we are both very nervous! Both families have been waiting a long time to meet each other, and since my family was going to be in Cancun for the next two weeks, we arranged dinner! Hopefully it goes well, everyone wish us luck!

Next Monday, after we get to Cancun we will be taking part in a week of very touristic outings. We will be going to One of Cancun's famous Cenotes, (If anyone has any recommendations please let me know!)

One of the many Cenotes in Cancun!

We will also be spending a few days at the beautiful Royal Caribbean, one of my favourite and in my opinion most beautiful resorts in all of Cancun where we will relax and enjoy being especially close to the beach with my family before they return to Canada!

The Royal Caribbean!
Finally, next week we will also be visiting one of my favourite places in the world, Xaret! For those of your that don't know what Xaret is and interested in learning more Click here! Xaret is a beautiful tourist park which displays Cancun's diversity in wildlife and it's cultural heritage. It is unbelievable, and a must visit for anyone in visiting Cancun.

I will be giving a full review of everything I do next week, but for now, I must continue doing my errands in the -16 degrees (yikes!) weather! All I can say is, I am ready for Cancun!