Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I'm Back!

Hola a todos!

Well its been a lengthy break, but I am back I missed my blog terribly!! I am going to be making a new blog about our life here in Canada,our adventures, the ups and downs of adjusting to life here, immigration, and anything else that comes to my head.

Coming back to Canada, I was a hot mess. I was miserable, in a lot of ways I felt like I failed myself and L for not trying to make it work there.. Three months later, I am starting to adjust to life back in Canada. The good news? Summer Days are back! So this means it doesnt get dark until 9pm which is really nice, bbqs, sunshine, and showing L all around canada, in true tourist style! :)

L's paperwork for permanent residence is currently being proccessed. In Canada there are two stages for immigration. The first is that I have to be approved as a sponsor, then our case will be transferred to Mexico for another few months while they decide if we are truly in a genine relationship, and once we satisfy all of their requriements, they will issue him PR! Right now Stage 1 is taking approx. 90 DAYS! Which is crazy, considering in december it was only 45 days, but we keep telling ourselves that it will be worth it in the end.

After that, we have some big plans for us.. but I wont be going into too much detail about that until we are at that stage.

I missed this so much, I am so happy I am back! the blog will also be having a big makeover too, but I just wanted to update everyone!




  1. Welcome Back Senorita! Glad to see your blog in my google reader again :)

  2. Aw thanks shell, I appreciate that!

  3. Welcome Back!! Glad to hear things are moving along for you guys and you are feeling better.