Monday, 13 February 2012

My First Mexican Job

This weekend I worked my first Mexican Job, and it was quite an honor. I worked for FIFA for their Beach Soccer Tournament in the VIP section. It was honestly amazing, and probably the coolest job I ever had. I got to meet some really cool people, famous Mexican comedians, government officials, the hotel owner, etc. Me and Lens sister got to watch the whole tournament, and we made some great money and got a view of the beach at the same time! It was honestly amazing and reminded me why I came to Cancun in the first place. I hope I can do more jobs like this in the future, because it was awesome!

Here are some pics of my weekend:
The View from the VIP section, it was super cold!

Mexico VS. USA game!
It was really cold yesterday so I wore a towel! Lol, anyways, here are some more pics:
Yun and I with Borrego y Casasola

Len with Casasola!

I honestly had the time of my life, it was a fantastic first Mexican job, and I am really hoping to do more work like this while I am here!!!

And that was my weekend folks!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Being taught English.

Judging by the title, you may think this blog is going to be about me teaching someone English, and boy, are you wrong! It's actually the exact opposite, its about Len teaching me! Over the past few days or so I stopped and thought about just how good Lenin's English has been getting recently. When I first met him, he was pretty fluent. He didn't know the name of a few little things, but for the most part was pretty good. Now, after having a relationship with me (the supposed native speaker) and being in Canada for six months he has become pretty fluent, and get this, he is even correcting and helping me now! Here are some examples:

The other day I was in the kitchen and Lenin wanted me to get him a glass so he could get some water. Simple enough, no? Not really thinking about it, I pass him a mug. He looks at me, both surprised and confused.

"This is not a glass, its a mug."

Me, confused. "What do you mean, this is a..a.. well I guess yeah, your right, it is a mug."

"Milenita, learn english." Len says with a big smile on his face.

I couldn't believe it! My boyfriend just gave me an English lesson! I was impressed, and proud to say the least that he feels so confident in his skills.

And it doesn't stop there, not only is he correcting me, but hes also using English expressions in his day-to-day speech. This morning, we were having breakfast and discussing something and he said to me, and then he said "Man, that guy must be eating his words right now."

Anyone who has learned or is learning a different language knows how challenging even the most simplest of sentences could be, so I am beyond excited for Len that he can now use phrases, and words in a more conceptual way, instead of only being able to use/understand the concrete meaning of a word. 

Proud of you Len!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It's The Little Things..

Living in a country like Canada, you often forget how things that are considered basic in one country, are luxury in another. Len and I have been living in our apartment in Cancun in over a month now, and today we recieved something that made us both jump for joy, hot water!

Living in Mexico teaches you to appreciate the little things, to not take for granted those precious things that we Canadians often do. Health care, Access to great public schools, hot water, minimum wage, sewage systems that work, etc.

Living in Mexico has also taught me something else, finding happiness in little things. Canadian culture is always so busy, often we are stressed, and lets face it, spoiled (but in the nicest way possible!) Mexico, and my Mexican friends and family have taught me to see the beauty of the little things, how family comes first, how we are suppose to help one another (and not because we have to, but rather want to!).

Although I don't believe I could live the rest of my life in Mexico, I will always carry a piece of Mexico with me whereever I go, because it has changed me for the better, in so many ways, and for that I am forever grateful.

It's the little things, friends.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Our *Almost* Night Out

Tonight Len's sister and BF invited us to Dinner and a movie! We were so excited since it has been a week of immigration stress and we needed some time to just relax and be young! So we set off on our adventure. We decided to try a sushi place that we all heard good things about, Sushi Acki. It was fantastic! We were having a great time, enjoying our sushi and and fried banana for dessert, heres a pic:

Us at Sushi, enjoying our night out!
Just as we were on our way out, we realized it was raining again, and hard! Worried, we decided to call it a night, since the roads of Mexico are known to get a *little* dangerous when it starts raining! Needless to say, our ride home was a little more than interesting, here are some pictures:

The road!    

Another shot!

This picture doesn't do justice to just how crazy the streets get when it rains here! It is something I hope changes in the near future, to help improve the great city that Cancun is!