Monday, 13 February 2012

My First Mexican Job

This weekend I worked my first Mexican Job, and it was quite an honor. I worked for FIFA for their Beach Soccer Tournament in the VIP section. It was honestly amazing, and probably the coolest job I ever had. I got to meet some really cool people, famous Mexican comedians, government officials, the hotel owner, etc. Me and Lens sister got to watch the whole tournament, and we made some great money and got a view of the beach at the same time! It was honestly amazing and reminded me why I came to Cancun in the first place. I hope I can do more jobs like this in the future, because it was awesome!

Here are some pics of my weekend:
The View from the VIP section, it was super cold!

Mexico VS. USA game!
It was really cold yesterday so I wore a towel! Lol, anyways, here are some more pics:
Yun and I with Borrego y Casasola

Len with Casasola!

I honestly had the time of my life, it was a fantastic first Mexican job, and I am really hoping to do more work like this while I am here!!!

And that was my weekend folks!


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I can't believe you met them! My husband LOVES that show.

    We really wanted to go yesterday, but we had already made other plans :(

  2. aww, really?! We actually talked to them both for a half hour or so! They are super funny! Saturday would have been the better day to come since yesterday was soo cold with the wind! It was such an awesome game/tournament though! I wish I told you I was going I would had gotten you some tickets for the Saturday neighbour but it was super last minute!

  3. Congrats. How exciting, sounds like a great job to have.