Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It's The Little Things..

Living in a country like Canada, you often forget how things that are considered basic in one country, are luxury in another. Len and I have been living in our apartment in Cancun in over a month now, and today we recieved something that made us both jump for joy, hot water!

Living in Mexico teaches you to appreciate the little things, to not take for granted those precious things that we Canadians often do. Health care, Access to great public schools, hot water, minimum wage, sewage systems that work, etc.

Living in Mexico has also taught me something else, finding happiness in little things. Canadian culture is always so busy, often we are stressed, and lets face it, spoiled (but in the nicest way possible!) Mexico, and my Mexican friends and family have taught me to see the beauty of the little things, how family comes first, how we are suppose to help one another (and not because we have to, but rather want to!).

Although I don't believe I could live the rest of my life in Mexico, I will always carry a piece of Mexico with me whereever I go, because it has changed me for the better, in so many ways, and for that I am forever grateful.

It's the little things, friends.


  1. Aint that the truth! I was sick and tired of showering with water boiled on the stove for the first 2 months, our landlord wouldn't fix our boiler! I'm glad you have hot water! Now I realize how much a luxury it is.

  2. It defiantly is a luxury! So how long have you two been without hot water?! It's crazy how something that you don't even think about can be so missed in a different situation.

  3. I soo agree with you. The other day it was raining and so cold here and of course the boiler would not work so I had to heat up the water on the stove and shower with the bucket.
    Wow has it been a month already? So glad you got your hot water.