Saturday, 4 February 2012

Our *Almost* Night Out

Tonight Len's sister and BF invited us to Dinner and a movie! We were so excited since it has been a week of immigration stress and we needed some time to just relax and be young! So we set off on our adventure. We decided to try a sushi place that we all heard good things about, Sushi Acki. It was fantastic! We were having a great time, enjoying our sushi and and fried banana for dessert, heres a pic:

Us at Sushi, enjoying our night out!
Just as we were on our way out, we realized it was raining again, and hard! Worried, we decided to call it a night, since the roads of Mexico are known to get a *little* dangerous when it starts raining! Needless to say, our ride home was a little more than interesting, here are some pictures:

The road!    

Another shot!

This picture doesn't do justice to just how crazy the streets get when it rains here! It is something I hope changes in the near future, to help improve the great city that Cancun is!


  1. Strange that it's raining this time of year, no? Just curious...what are you trying to do at immigration?

  2. Oh noo. It has been kind of ugly around here too. Hope things work out with all the immigration problems soon.

  3. Thanks for the replies, Lisa and Jackie - it is great hearing from both of you! Hope all is well :) Len and I are applying for his immigration to Canada so we are just preparing his paperwork that we need from here! Hopefully, after today we have just resolved all of our outstanding issues, Wohoo!