Thursday, 29 December 2011

Book Review and Book List for 2012!

Since work has slowed down and most of my things are packed and ready for Cancun, I have run into a lot of free time. I decided while I am waiting to leave to Cancun (9 more days!), I would read one of my new books. I noticed that a few other of my blogger friends are book worms, so I thought I would share my latest read with you all, and then tell you some of the books I am looking forwarded to reading to this year, and finally some books I recommend! Clearly, I am a little bored, hehe.

*Just so you know before you continue reading.. *Now for the past three and a half years, most of my reading has been about really serious, in depth reviews of psychological disorders, and the brain (Parts and how we function) So when I read, I like to read something light and spunky! Something that brings a smile to my face and doesn't make my brain hurt after 90 pages of it. So This blog is mostly about chick-lit, sorry if this isn't your favourite genre, but I love it for Mexico.. So here goes nothing!

Last Night, I finished the book Remember Me by Sophia Kinsella 
This is the Canadian Edition, I think the American and British is different

Anywho, I enjoyed this book in general. It is a story about a girls who suffers from amnesia and can't remember anything about the last three years of her life! It is a very light and funny read, I would suggest it if you are into chick lit, or just wanting something light and fluffy. Sophia Kinsella is a great writer and she really captures the mood in this book. I think a good author leaves you wanting more, and every time I read one of her books, I want another! I am happy I took the time to read this book,it was a little predicatable, but what chick-lit isn't?! I am happy to recommend this book to anyone!

Last time I was in Cancun, I ran into a problem with boredom. Yes, most of my time was filled with the gym, outings, family events,movies.. but I was still bored, I needed that 'me' time. I made the mistake of only bringing one book, and really regretted it. This time around, I was determined to learn from my mistakes, I researched and found a bunch of books that I would be interested in while in Mexico.

Here's a few books that I will be reading this year: 

Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me: A Guide to Living with Impeccable Grace and Style, By: Lucia Van Der Post

The Shopaholic Collection, By: Sophia Kinsella

The Undomestic Goddess, By: Sophia Kinsella

Lucky, By: Alice Sebold 

In Her Shoes, Jennifer Weiner

So Far these are all the books I will be bringing to Mexico with me! It is defiantly not enough, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment :)

To end this blog, I have decided to leave you with a list of all my time favourite chick-lit books!

Something Borrowed
Something Blue
Baby Proof
Love The One You're With
Heart of the Matter

All by my favourite author, Emily Giffin! 

And Finally,

Twenties Girl, By Sophia Kinsella

Hope you enjoyed!!! 



P.S If you love to read, but don't want it to break your bank account, try the second hand store! I buy all my books there, unless it's a new book that I am dying to read and you can usually get new books for very cheap. I went a few days ago and got two books retail value $40.00 for 3 dollars! Awesome.


  1. O love the Shopaholic series. All Jennifer Weiner books are great.
    If you are looking for something that is not chick-lit, David Sedaris is hilarious. His books aren't for the easily offended.
    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is my all time favorite book.
    John Grisham books are entertaining. I usually can't put it down once I start it. They are thriller/crime/mystery but not violent.
    Maeve Binchy is another writer I like. Her stories take place in Ireland. They are like chick-lit for the over 30 bunch.
    I will definitely check out Emily Giffin.Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Emily Giffin is a very talented writer, you will really enjoy her books.. she has an interesting way of telling stories that are 'shades of grey' so to speak.

    Thank you for your recommendations as well! I am going to look at some of these authors, especially A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.


  3. In Cancun there's a used book store selling books in English for very cheap :) (Or you can trade books)

    What I usually do here for books is to borrow and lend with other expats here. Luckily my American and Canadian coworkers read a lot!

  4. Are you serious?! That actually brightened my whole day :D What is the name of the store, if you don't mind me asking? Ahh, that is a really good idea!

    Your so lucky to have friends you can trade with! One time me and my BF went on a search for books for me, we saw some in Plaza Las America, but didn't see any I really liked and they were really overpriced, then we saw some at Costco, and La Gran Plaza, but it was all the same stuff, so disappointing!