Monday, 12 December 2011

Starting to wrap things up

So, I am sitting on my bed, trying to get the motivation to study. I am officially two exams away from being a university graduate, which is crazy, wonderful, and scary all at once. This is something I have worked so hard for, and it doesn't feel real.. it is one of the last things I have to do before I leave. I often think about the time we will spend in Mexico.

Before I go back to studying, I want to talk about things I love and hate about Cancun. There are a lot of things in Cancun I simply adore:

  • The fact that it is a great mix of a North American City and a Mexican One. What I mean by that is that it has many aspects of NOB culture since it is such a touristic place, but it also has that small town feel.. local businesses still rule there, you can walk down our street and find anything your heart desires.

  • The weather and the fact that there is no snow. Yes, I hate snow, cold and anything that has to do with winter, lol! For as long as I can remember, I have been a summer type of girl. It's getting cold now and I am so sad. I remember when I first met my BF we had this big debate about what was better, to be too hot, or too cold. I told him I would take too hot anyday, and he told he would pick the cold. Now that he's here, he agrees being too hot is being better than being too cold, I win :) hehe

  • I have a love/hate relationship with the relaxed culture of Cancun. Toronto and Canadian Culture in general is a go,go,go type of city. People are always in a rush, always stressed, always in debt.. I love it here because its efficient, if I need something done, its a very easy step-by-step process. That is not always the case in Cancun (one time we waited a week for a piece of paper we needed to apply for my bf's multiple-entry visa to Canada and I was so frustrated..well at least my bf had a good laugh) But I love that about Cancun too. I love that there the concept of time if fluid, that you don't have to worry about being 15 mins early like you do here, that people aren't in a rush, and everything is slow. I have really bad anxiety, and I have really learned how to control it thanks to Cancun and Mexico's concept of time
Those are some of reasons why I love Mexico and am excited to be there. Not to mention the food, the beach, the people, and much more. I want L to have immigration to Canada so that our future can be better, we can make money, and have more opportunity to decide where we want to live.  There are Pro's and Con's to every place, you just have to decide what is right for you.

I'll post more soon after I am done studying!



  1. Yes! No snow :) I'm almost dumbfounded by this weather in December. I don't know what to do with myself! It's great to hear from someone so similar to me. Goes to show there must be a lot more girls in this situation than I think. But when you come, make sure you pack backups of your staple beauty products! I was floored by how much the crappiest drugstore makeup is here lol hair products too! Good luck to you and keep in touch :)


  2. For sure there a lot more people in a situation like ours than you think!

    Thanks for the tip about the make up! I remember last time I was in Mexico I lost my MAC liquid eyeliner and had seen a MAC in the mall, so I made a mental note to buy one the next time we went to the mall.A few days later we went to the mall and I told my bf, hey I need my eyeliner lets go to Mac.. So we went in and my bf says to the girl, how much does a liquid eyeliner cost, and she told my bf 800 pesos (80 dollars) I nearly fainted!!!!! I don't know if where you live in Mexico has a store named Sally's close to you, but in Cancun there is at least two that I know of and they are all over Canada, they have really decent makeup at a normal/cheap price .. so I was really happy!! I was even able to get OPI nail polish there for like 25 pesos each, which is a steal!