Wednesday, 28 December 2011

First Christmas in Canada

As I mentioned earlier in my blog, this Christmas would be the first for us in Canada and one of the two major holidays left before we went to Cancun. It was really nice Christmas. My grandparents who are Christmas experts went above and beyond this year to make Len's first Christmas extra special. My family has always been really supportive of our relationship which has helped us a lot over the years. On Christmas eve, we had a super traditional Italian meal, which consisted of different fish.. and oh boy, was it delicious. Then, we opened presents and well everyone was very generous to us this year :)

Christmas day was more quiet and we just had a small meal since my family celebrates Christmas eve instead of Christmas day. Since Christmas we have been going around trying to get all of our last minute to do's off our lists. It will be weird knowing that we will be leaving here for so long. Lenin has been feeling homesick lately, but yesterday while we were driving to the store he told me about how he thought he would be happier to leave to Cancun, but now realizes he will miss Canada a lot. We will miss Canada because of my family, and how wonderful of a country this is with lots of opportunities, but we are happy to return to Cancun to be with family and friends, the warmth, culture, and many other things.

This Christmas I realized how thankful and blessed I am to have two different places in the world that we can call home.

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  1. Glad you guys had such a great christmas. They only celebrate christmas eve here also. Christmas day was like any other day here.