Monday, 19 December 2011

Building a Home Gym!

One of our biggest projects once we get back to Cancun is to make a home gym for ourselves to avoid paying the crazy monthly membership fee's for a decent gym! Lenin and I are fitness nerds. We rarely eat out, we exercise 5 days a week, and our very health conscious! We do not drink, or smoke. In fact, neither of us have ever even smoked a cigarette! A decent gym in Cancun range from 500 to 1,000 pesos a month (roughly 50-100 CAN Dollars) to join a gym. We also won't be living close to the regular gym we went to in Cancun so it was motivated us more to start our own. For the past week, me and Len have been on the hunt for light equipment that is travel-friendly,economical, and practical for us.

One thing I love about Cancun is how exercise friendly it is. Taking a jog outside is very doable all year round which is something I love. There is also outdoor gyms, which are completely gratis! The Hotel Zone is also another excellent area that offers paths to roller blade or bike, or of course if you are up for it, a nice run on the beach! This is a major plus for a fitness geek like me! In Toronto, unless you are very brave and can endure being outside for a long time in temperatures that makes your whole body numb, working out for free is almost impossible all year round. We have already begun to work out at home and so far are loving it, I have a feeling being in Cancun will make it even better!

Len is also constructing his own set of monkey bars himself once we get there, I will post pics of our own little Gym as soon as it's ready!!

See you soon!!!!!! :)

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