Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Little About Me

So I thought I would go a round of questions I saw on another blog's page, so that people can get to know me a little better.. So here goes nothing!

1. If you could picture you life two years from now what would you like to see?

Two years from now I hope to be planning my wedding, hopefully done with immigration, and getting started on our next set of plans/goals.

2. What is the worst habit you feel you have?

I think The worst habit I have is that I worry way too much.. I have been learning to get it under control .. slowly, but surely :)

3. What is your favorite genre of movies?

My favorite genre of movies has to be romance-comedy or sci-fi, lol! Wierd mix I know but I love them for different reasons and I can't pick between them.

4. What are five thing you would include in your to- do list?

Right now there is a lot:

- Finish University
- Finish Packing
- Make another to do list so I don't forget anything
- Make Banana bread for my family (my specialty, everyone loves when I make it!)
- Go to the gym
5. Are you still in contact with any childhood friends?

I am in contact with a few childhood friends, but for the most part no. We have grown in separate directions, and I really don't have too much in common with them.

6. Do you get along well with family members and relatives?

I do! Maybe a little too well :P My family and I are really close and I will miss them very much once I am in Cancun! Most of them will actually be there when we first fly in.. so that will be nice :)
7. If you were to win 10 million what would you do with the money?

Haha, oh man. I think First I would buy a house here in Canada, and in Cancun, then buy house for my family as well! Donate a lot of it to a variety of charities, and start a small business.

8. Have you ever been in a physical fight? Any details?

No I have never been in any physical fights, I have stepped in for my friends when I was younger but nothing serious :)  

9. Three things you could not live without?

My Boyfriend, My family, My books

10.  Have you ever met a celebrity if not who would you chose to meet?
No I haven't .. If I could choose I would probably pick Christina Aguilera. Lame, I know.. but I am a long time fan :P
11. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Interesting fact, I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 16 years old because my sister as a baby was allergic to silver and so my mom never got them for me, and didn't want me to so as soon as I was old enough I took myself... turns out i'm allergic too :P Then earlier this year I got my belly button pierced.. After almost fainting (lol) I got an allergic reaction to it as well, and had to take it out.. :(

Well that is all! Hope you enjoyed and am looking forward to reading others responses!



  1. Hi Milena, Lisa here (From one Country to Another) thanks for joining me on my journey and glad you joined in on the fun questions. Yea I am your first follower. Hope you dont mind as I follow you as well. Always great to meet another expat. Take care.

  2. Hi Lisa, Nice to meet you! I have read your blog and I really loved it :) Of course I don't mind if you follow me, I am happy to have a follower! I agree it's always really nice to meet another expat.. I am excited and nervous :) If you every want to talk I am always around! All the best!

  3. Hey Milena,
    I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico so things might be a bit different here than cancun however here is what I brought or have people bring down when they are coming: HP Sauce, Epicure, QTips(their Qtips suck here). I would recommend if you are going to have a house phone here to buy it from home and bring it as all electronics are VERY expensive.. At least here in PV. Also an electric toothbrush, they don't sell them here in PV.. The first time I brought a baking pan as well as I could not find them for the life of me but did end up finding some the other week.It also took 8 months to find measuring cups and a whisk. just basic things you could walk into any grocery store and find I've been having troubles finding here.

    Here they will bring something in such as a baking pan and when they sell out you may not see them again for months. They don't have regular stock I don't think....

    Again your experience may be totally different in Cancun but I'd recommend anything that you use daily or regularly to bring cuz you may have a hard time finding it :)

    Excited for your new journey!

  4. Hey Shelly!

    Thanks for the reply! I just read your blog and see that you are Canadian as well! I think its very sweet how you met your BF and it reminds me how I met mine as well! :) Right now he has been here with me (he has a multiple-entry visa) and in the beginning of January we will be flying back to Cancun!

    I was down in April for a few months so I already brought some of important items I knew I would have a hard time finding or would be really expensive! So things like a home phone, (so that my family can talk to us at a much cheaper rate) espresso machine (were addicts :P) and things like that.. this time around we thought about it all because we know how expensive things can be there! My family is also going to be down there so thankfully we have a lot of people that offered to bring stuff down for us!

    Haha, love that you mentioned the Q-tips, we just bought a whole bunch yesterday since we both know how bad they are there!

    How is your stay in PV? Do you plan on living there long term or do you two plan to come up here? Sorry for the million questions, it's just so nice to meet someone in a similar situation! Any who, if you want to chat more send me an email at

    All the best and thanks again for the response!